Collectors & Friends

Bucky Pizzarelli

Joey Kelly

Chad Stickney

Patricia Okoumou

Steve Urquhart
BBC Radio Interviewer

Roxanne "Rocky 184" Patterson,
Michael "Tracy 168" Tracy, Karen Merz

Zach Braff

Will Power, Lava 1, Lava 2,
Eddie "Snake 1" Rodriguez

Esther Leong Woo, Vinny Lucci

Luis Inca Ramos

Rosie Perez

Rosanne Cash

LL Cool J

From L to R, Sean Corcoran, Henry Chalfant,
Jon Naar, Jay "J.SON" Edlin
On the bottom is Martha Cooper

Cornell Capa, Mrs. Larry Burrows and Gordon Parks

Roger Daltrey

Thank you, Robert Farber, for coming to my exhibit.

Tony Bennett